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“A crucial part of post-traumatic growth lies in the way we look at ourselves.” - Lana Jelenjev


These reflection cards are an accompaniment to the "Understanding Post-Traumatic Growth and Neurodiversity" guide that we published. 


Reflecting on the following questions can provide a framework for understanding and integrating the profound changes that post-traumatic growth can bring. It's a process of discovering how one's traumatic experience can lead to a richer, more fulfilling life, marked by increased personal strength, deeper relationships, and a renewed sense of purpose.


These questions are designed to stimulate deep personal reflection and can be revisited multiple times as one progresses through their journey of healing. They can serve as a guide for journaling, discussions in support groups, or personal meditation on the journey of healing and empowerment.


There are 10 reflection questions for each dimension of Post-Traumatic growth:

  • Appreciation of Life
  • New Life Path
  • Personal Strengths
  • Relating to Others
  • Spiritual Change



We are able to provide these resources, tools and learning sessions through voluntary work. For individuals with expendable income, donations are welcome and can support us in providing our work to more parents, educators, organizations and communities specially for marginalized sectors.




If you are interested in bringing Neurodiversity Awareness and Advocacy to your schools, companies or organizations please do contact us directly.

Post-Traumatic Growth Reflection Cards

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