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Bridging the gap for all neurotypes to thrive.


The Neurodiversity Foundation is our parent charity. Our mission is to create a society that works for all individuals regardless of their brain types. 

At least ten percent of our revenue is donated to Neurodiversity Foundation. 

Meet Our Team

Get to Know Us

co-founder, Strengths and ADHD Life Coach, Programs and Coaching Lead

Saskia is a learning designer, a media scholar and Strengths based life coach specializing in ADHD.

She adores learning, interacting in communities of practice and collaborating with people who have similar interests and values, especially when it comes to co creating a more (neuro)diversity friendly future that can lift up the next generations into solving the problems of the future together.

co-founder, Learning Experience Strategist, Operations and Trainings Lead

With more than 20 years experience in the field of educational consultancy, curriculum design and learning experience design, Lana brings her wealth of experience,  dedication and passion in creating educational reforms to NEA. Her wish is to see equitable, inclusive and progressive schools that greatly amplify learners' strengths.  


She loves facilitating spaces for conversations around the themes of giftedness, neurodiversity, strengths-based curriculum design and community building.

People, Play and Participatory Practice Designer

Alex is UK based community engagement specialist and landscape architect, with 18 years’ experience working alongside Neurodivergent people, their families and friend, in education, residential and community settings in the UK and abroad. 


True to her own ADHD diagnosis – Alex loves ideas and thrives in places where ideas are born and come to life and her active portfolio is ever changing, so she describes her work as being at the intersection of People, Play, Participatory Practice and Design, an often-public toilets – she loves toilets! Alex is passionate about create imaginative practical inclusive designs that will impact and change people’s lives for the better,

Alex 2.jpg

Who We Serve

We aim to educate, advocate and hold space for individuals who want to connect around being neurodivergent and/or caring for the neurodivergents in their lives. 

We aim to support families and schools dedicated to building a more neurodiverse friendly environment. We provide strategies, coaching techniques and insights that have been proven to be effective that parents, educators and school administrators can easily use. We host communities of practice for parents and teachers to integrate these new knowledge, skills and mindsets.  

We create content, courses and services that promote neurodiversity-friendly practices. For that reason we love to collaborate with neurodivergent creators who have managed to leverage their strengths and contribute to the world in their own unique way. Nothing about us without us! 


Our Associates




Helen Davies has extensive coaching experience, she is also a qualified nurse for a few decades and currently a part time Clinical Director. A neurodiverse champion that empowers others to live their best lives. She has a not for profit organisation called Practical Wisdom, which particularly supports parents and neurodivergent adults. Helen has ADHD and jokes she has more energy than a Duracell bunny! She also also a Dyslexic author.

Stephen Emmanuel.jpg

Stephen Emmanuel

Stephen Emmanuel is a trained educator and member of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE). Stephen is the Organizing Secretary of Association of Nigeria Educational Psychologist (ANEP) and a member of International Association of Special Educators (IASE). Stephen is passionate about training pre-service and in-service teachers on strategies to make the classroom inclusive in accomodating neurodiverse learners.

Siobhan Lamb.png

Siobhan Lamb

Dr Lamb has worn many hats during her life. Neurodivergent herself, with a neurodiverse family, she spent twenty years as a teacher in STEM and special education and is now principal of Embrace Difference, a business supporting neurodivergent children in the education system, including provision of professional development in educational settings and advocacy services.

People who inspired our work

Amazing individuals who are advocates of neurodiversity


"The world need all kinds of minds."


“Not all the features of atypical human operating systems are bugs.”


"Success in Life is Based on Adapting One’s Brain to the Needs of the Surrounding Environment."

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