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Neurodiversity celebrates the differences between our brains. Updating your understanding around neurodivergence and the associated conditions will empower you to become an even better parent, teacher and school leader.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can help neurodiverse students thrive in the school setting.  With years of experience and expertise, we support families, teachers, students and school leaders to embrace neurodiversity in the home and school environments. Our bespoke coaching and mentoring programmes focus on building the knowledge, skills, mindsets and values needed for students to navigate school life better.  These programs are designed to assist students with the transition from secondary education and success in tertiary education.


Click here to book your 25 MINUTES FREE coaching consultation call. We can talk about what coaching can do for you, why coaching works and see if we would be a good fit for working together ( I am also happy to make referrals to other talented coaches!). 


Our school is struggling in applying neurodiversity friendly practices. Can you help us stay relevant?

YES! We can help you and your team assess the current status of your school activities and teaching practices. We can set up "Discovery sessions" with your team and create recommendations on what to do.

We can hold your hand in the full process from assessment, to implementation, to evaluation. We are here to partner with you in making the accommodations necessary to promote neurodiversity.

How do I know that NEURODIVERSITY EDUCATION ACADEMY is the right consulting agency for our school?

To be honest, you don't- not until you meet with us and have that initial consultation. We value having an ethos match with our clients and in as much as it is a right fit for you, it also needs to be a right fit for us. 

This way we know that we are getting into win-win-win solutions. A win for your school, a win for us, and a win for the families and students that you are serving. 

How do you customize your services for different schools?

We can offer programs that we have already created and tailor made it to the needs of your teachers, parents and students. To do this we will do an initial assessment of your strengths and needs.

Remember, you bring your strengths in these trainings and our goal is to make these strengths visible.

As a parent, I am struggling with supporting my child, how can you help me?

Parents, we salute you! We value your role in promoting a more neurodiverse society and it is our mission to support you and your family. Feel free to get in touch with us and we can explore this further. 

Remember, you are not alone in this.

Our Testimonials Will Do the Talking

Check out what our clients are saying about working with NEURODIVERSITY EDUCATION ACADEMY.


"We’ve been attending the Neurodiversity Education Academy’s workshops for quite some time and we are still looking forward for more. The wisdom that Lana and Saskia have been sharing helps our team to be more passionate in educating the young learners who are diverse and unique in their own ways.

The workshops help our teachers to be more innovative as they get to understand that learners have their own learning and thinking styles. The workshops help us discover more instructional approaches that help highlight particular strengths that children have and it also opens our eyes for the possibility of learning despite the challenges.

This program really helps in reducing the stigma around learning and thinking differences for it also made us realize that those differences are just differences – we should take these ‘differences’ as a challenge instead of deficit."

Chie Mayrina Angeles- founder La Vertice School, Philippines


"I like each session delivered by Neurodiversity Education Academy for the mind-opening, engaging talk administered eloquently by the speakers who show expertise in this field and its practical examples provided. Their way of answering questions and attending to participants' needs also deserve thumbs up! I'd definitely join their future sessions!"

Merry Ellen Kwee- school superintendent, Equal Bright School, Indonesia

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