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My Amazing Brain Magazine

Discover What Your Brain Can Do

Advocating for brain awareness

My Amazing Brain magazine was created as part of Brain Awareness Week 2019. It tackles topics related to our Brain's Superpowers, Fun Facts about the Brain, Downstairs Brain and Upstairs Brain, What Happens When We Flip Our Lids, Working with the Zones of Your Brain and the Power of Yet. It also includes two posters on The Power of Yet and Before You Flip Your Lid.

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Importance of Strengths Based Approaches

The magazine (& its avatar Brainy), was designed by Eleonora Spagnuolo, and the lead content creators were Lana Jelenjev and Saskia Wenniger. 

The magazine was designed as a tool for kids aged 10 to 12 to explore their brain’s superpowers during school workshops. This ties in with the emphasis on providing strengths-based practices in the home, school and work spaces.

Introducing it to children worldwide

The initial printed copies were distributed to three international schools in the Netherlands. The downloadable version can be accessed here.

My Amazing brain.jpg
my amazing brain.jpg

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