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To be able to notice strengths, you need to get into the habit of using the language of strengths. Moving away from the traditional problem-based or deficit model can be challenging as this is the perspective that we have been brought up with. Our educational system is highly steeped in the "what is wrong with you?" model, and this is easily seen within the workforce as well.


By shifting our mindset from a deficit to a strengths-based approach, we enhance feelings of self-competence, self-esteem, and increase our motivation.


Check out the list of BRAIN STRENGTHS (I-Statements)  included in this FREE card deck. 


We are able to offer these resources for free as part of our advocacy with NEURODIVERSITY FOUNDATION. If you would like to financially support our work, you can do it in this donation form.



Brain Strengths Card Deck (I- Statements Best for Children)

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