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This is part of our second toolkit "What's ALIVE In You?" From Camouflage to Courage that we will be releasing by end of this year! So stay tuned!


We are grateful for Sonal Joshi, a licensed special educator for translating these cards into HINDI.



Check-ins are tools that can deepen our circles of connection. It can foster stronger bonds and help us understand areas in the relationship that need tending. It can also make us aware of what we need to celebrate, what needs amplifying and what needs our attention.


In doing check-ins, make sure to invite and add "stillness" for kids to deeply sense into their bodies before they share “what is alive” in them. Giving a few moments of silence to reflect, do journaling, or do a body scan can greatly support children to tune in with themselves before engaging.


Here are 80 check-in prompts that you can use for children (6-12 years old). Hint you can also use it for yourself :) 


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