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Our ability to connect to what’s going on inside us can be broken down into a series of small steps.


The first is to simply notice and identify what’s happening inside us - our bodily sensation. This can be as minor as a tickle or tightness, as subtle as a change in temperature, or overwhelmingly powerful. 


Then we have the opportunity to articulate the sensation and where it is happening in our body.

The third step is an invitation for connection; can we connect this sensation to a feeling or need? For example, is our throat tight because we have an unmet need to feel heard?


Next, with this data, we have the opportunity to assess; to think, reflect, or make a plan to engage with the situation.


And then the final step in this process is to respond - to put our assessment into action. What action can we choose to take? Does it involve making a request from someone? Perhaps it requires us to meet our own needs.


Either way, we are now more empowered to make our next choice.


These set of questions can help us become more aware of our body's signals and improve interoception skills, leading to better self-regulation and emotional awareness. You can use these cards for yourself, for your kids, your students, or with your friends to understand each other better..

Interoceptive Awareness Cards

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