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When you think of creativity, what comes to mind?


This Magazine is about different ways of being creative, and will help you understand others, and yourself, a bit better. 


Your mind loves being creative, so new original ideas, small and big ones, happen all the time. When you see a problem, often you will start thinking of a solution almost immediately. It happens because the brain that makes these thoughts appear, enjoys being “creative”. Creativity means using your imagination to create something new. Like, when you make a drawing: first you thought about what to draw, and afterwards you made something appear on your canvas.


You too, are uniquely creative; nobody would have drawn the same image, everyone imagines in their own way and often with very different outcomes. That is awesome! We are so distinct from each other, that even this sentence, the one you are reading right now, enable varying perspectives and notions for each person reading it. And since we are all quite diverse in how our brains work and contribute, also known as neurodiversity, it makes each person that seems most different, more interesting: why and how do they create and think the way they do? How do we work together while being unlike each other? And what can we improve by learning from others in how they make their ideas? 


In this edition, Brainy will show you how this works, so you can explore your own creative superpowers!


PAGES: 52 pages


We are offering the PDF copy for a very small fee. This can help us in funding other projects. If the amount set is still a challenge for you at this given time, please do reach out to us and we would gladly send you the PDF copy for free.


My Creative Brain Magazine

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