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*** THIS IS A PRESALE TO OUR NEW TOOLKIT: What's Alive in You? From Camouflaging to Courage


This is a presale of the What's Alive in You Toolkit priced 50% off! The digital download will be released June 30.


Our ability to understand our emotions is an important life skill. Emotions help us to communicate with those around us and can move us to act. So understanding what we’re feeling helps us to dig deeper into our behaviours and choices and communicate what we want with more clarity.


But we can go further than just noticing and acknowledging how we feel.


We can develop “choicefulness” in how our emotions impact us, and learn how we can regulate those emotions in ways which are mature, healthy, and sustainable.


Through strengthening this ability to regulate ourselves, we can then learn to regulate those around us through a process called “co-regulation”. This process evolved so that caregivers can regulate the nervous system of their offspring when it’s not developed enough to regulate itself, and is different at different phases of child’s development. But our ability to be regulated by someone else is something that we retain all of our lives, and receiving this kind of support is often easier than regulating ourselves - especially during times of distress.


Developing self-regulation and co-regulation are a part of the developmental process, and a child’s capacity for self-regulation grows over time and is dependent on predictable, responsive, and supportive environments. This is important because, as we learn to balance and calm our internal sensory systems, we are able to:


  • Have better physical and mental health
  • Appropriately respond to stress, challenges and conflicts
  • Nurture and sustain relationships
  • Use restorative practices for ourselves and encourage others to do the same




  • To share exercises and resources with fellow facilitators
  • To provide a comprehensive course for readers to develop their own emotional literacy
  • To make engagement with emotional states more accessible
  • To overcome the stigma of expressing emotions in the workplace




  • A variety of exercises, to allow the reader to take their own supported path through this topic
  • The research and science behind why engaging with our emotional state is so necessary
  • The permission and tools to engage with one’s emotions and learn how to regulate them
  • A rich resource for planning your own organisational training



This is a presale of the What's Alive in You Toolkit priced 50% off! The product will be released end of this month! 


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