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This is a 40-paged slide deck that our co-founder, Lana Jelenjev created for her presentation on "Fostering a culture of empathy, belonging and neuroinclusion" for Neurodiversity in Schools Conference 2023. 


This resource is made available for FREE to provide awareness and deepen the advocacy around neuroinclusion. We are able to do our work with Neurodiversity Education Academy and Neurodiversity Foundation through the generous support of individuals. If you are benefiting from our work and would love to support us to keep our advocacy going, you can donate here



About Lana Jelenjev

With more than 20 years experience in the field of educational consultancy, curriculum design and learning experience design, Lana brings her wealth of experience, dedication and passion in creating educational reforms to NEA/NDF. Her wish is to see equitable, inclusive and progressive schools that greatly amplify learners' strengths.  She loves facilitating spaces for conversations around the themes of giftedness, neurodiversity, strengths-based curriculum design and community building.



SLIDE DECK: Fostering a culture of empathy, belonging and neuroinclusion

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