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Bridging the gap for all neurotypes

Our dream

Our vision is a society that recognizes the importance of neurodiversity, amplifies individual strengths and provides accessibility to all neurotypes.


We believe that it is crucial for society to create neurodiverse friendly homes, schools and workplaces that support all neurotypes. 


We dream of a world where representation is omnipresent. A place where neurodivergent individuals can find and connect with wonderful role models, engage and lead with their strengths and contribute to society with their unique gifts. 

Being able to embrace diversity in all its forms is a key aspect of life in the 21st century. 

we help shape the future

We are an educational platform focused on awareness, advocacy and capacity building for schools, parents and organizations.

We believe that awareness building, capacity building and shifting mindsets are important in our advocacy to create a more neuroinclusive society. We help shape the future where all neurotypes thrive by bridging the gap on knowledge, tools and practices. 



We believe that education promotes systemic change. To shift society, we need to empower students, teachers and school administrators with knowledge, skills and mindsets that promote Neurodiversity. We offer trainings, bespoke workshops and coaching for teachers and school leaders.


Parents are a wellspring of hope, motivation and inspiration for neurodiverse students. 
Our workshops are aimed at empowering parents with the skills needed to provide appreciation, connection and encouragement in the homefront.


Diversity in the workforce includes differences in the way individuals process information, communicate and collaborate.  We help companies and organizations be neurodiverse-friendly through our workshops, trainings and coaching. Making the workplace fit for different types of brains.

Work with us

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The Neurodiversity Academy is aimed at anyone supporting a neurodivergent person and at self supported neurodivergent persons, looking for knowledge, tools and strategies to be more effective. We believe that it is crucial for society to create neurodiverse friendly homes and schools that support all neurotypes.

Courses are aimed at teachers, school administrators, mentors, parents, students and young adults navigating through life and education in the hope of creating and supporting more successful outcomes for a wide range of neurodiverse people, often including themselves. Each course will have clear information about the specific target group, as well as the aims of the course. 


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