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Recording: Understanding Post-Traumatic Growth (Community Gathering April 2024)

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This is the recording of the Community Gathering held last April 26, 2024 on "Understanding Post-Traumatic Growth". "Out of these hottest fire comes the strongest steel.” - Chinese Proverb For this month, we will be exploring the different dimensions of growth when dealing with adversity in "Understanding Post Traumatic Growth". Our co-founder, Lana Jelenjev will be sharing her understanding of PTG and why for neurodivergents we can use this awareness in celebrating and amplifying areas of growth in our lives. Neurodivergents are bombarded with messages that can be painful, and at times traumatizing. Yet, we are more than our traumas, and it's important for us to reflect, articulate, and celebrate areas of growth in our lives. Did you know that 3/4 of adults over age 65 have been exposed to at least one traumatic event during their lifetime, and depending on the definition of traumatic event, the figure may be even higher (Mills 2011)? And 30-70% of individuals who experience trauma also report positive change and growth (Joseph and Butler, 2010) So let's take the time to learn more about PTG in this month's community gathering! SUPPORT OUR ADVOCACY We are able to provide these resources, tools and learning sessions through voluntary work. For individuals with expendable income, donations are welcome and can support us in providing our work to more parents, educators, organizations and communities specially for marginalized sectors. If you are interested in bringing Neurodiversity Awareness and Advocacy to your schools, companies or organizations please do contact us directly.

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