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A strength is an activity that strengthens you, but it can be hard to pay attention in the course of a busy workday to know what we do and how that makes us feel. Train yourself to notice the SIGNs of a strength. SIGNS OF OUR STRENGTHS according to Marcus Buckingham, author of Now, Discover Your Strengths are:

SUCCESS - When you do the activity, you feel effective and in control (what psychologists call “self-efficacy”).

INSTINCT - Before you do the activity, you look forward to doing it. You can’t wait to do it.

GROWTH - While you are doing the activity, you feel inquisitive and focused. You may lose track of time and two hours feel like only five minutes have passed.

NEEDS - After you’ve done the activity, even if you’re tired, you feel fulfilled.

Here is an exercise to braindump as many “strengthening activities” as you can think of. These are activities that encourage you to show up with your strengths.

✔️Remember to pay attention to the SIGNS (Success, Instinct, Growth, Needs)

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