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80 Check-In Prompts for Children (6-12)

80 check-in prompts for children

This is part of our second toolkit "What's ALIVE In You?" From Camouflage to Courage that we will be releasing by end of this year! So stay tuned!

Check-ins are tools that can deepen our circles of connection. It can foster stronger bonds and help us understand areas in the relationship that need tending. It can also make us aware of what we need to celebrate, what needs amplifying and what needs our attention.

In doing check-ins, make sure to invite and add "stillness" for kids to deeply sense into their bodies before they share “what is alive” in them. Giving a few moments of silence to reflect, do journaling, or do a body scan can greatly support children to tune in with themselves before engaging.

Here are 80 check-in prompts that you can use for children (6-12 years old). Hint you can also use it for yourself :)

  1. What sparked your interest for today?

  2. What do you enjoy doing alone?

  3. What do you enjoy doing with others?

  4. What do you know a lot about?

  5. What is one object that gives you comfort or good memories?

  6. When was the last time you stood up for yourself? How did that feel?

  7. When was the last time you helped someone? What did you do?

  8. How do you cheer yourself up when things get rough?

  9. What lights you up? What ignites your curiosity?

  10. What kinds of things do you ask for help with?

  11. Who do you go to for help? Who supports you?

  12. What techniques do you use to calm yourself down?

  13. How do you know if you are getting overwhelmed?

  14. What is a mantra or helpful phrase you like to use?

  15. What is a hobby or activity you thoroughly enjoy?

  16. In what situations do you feel completely at ease?

  17. What do you do when you are feeling down or sad?

  18. What places or situations can be too much for you?

  19. What do you enjoy talking or sharing about?

  20. When you are angry, what do you notice in your body? What body cues and sensations do you feel?

  21. When you are brave, what do you notice in your body? What body cues and sensations do you feel?

  22. What challenging thing did you manage to complete in the past period?

  23. What recent happening made you proud of yourself?

  24. What changes in your body do you feel when you are getting irritated or frustrated?

  25. What excites you?

  26. What situations do you feel tense about or unsure of?

  27. What is your favorite part of the day?

  28. What is your internal weather like (i.e. sunny, rainy, cloudy)?

  29. When was the last time you felt satisfied/ content?

  30. What are your glimmers (experiences that spark micro-moments of joy)?

  31. What signs do notice in your body when you are feeling nervous?

  32. What signs do notice in your body when you are feeling safe and settled?

  33. Who inspired you today and why?

  34. Who did you engage with today and how did that connection feel?

  35. Among all your senses, which one is the strongest?

  36. What do you value the most? What is most important for you?

  37. What is one thing that you cannot and will not tolerate?

  38. If you have a magic wand that can grant you one wish, what would your wish be and why?

  39. What do we need to do more of with each other?

  40. What do we need to do more of in this world?

  41. As human beings, what do we need to stop doing?

  42. What do we need to do less of in this world?

  43. What is your most recent unforgettable experience?

  44. How do you handle conflict with another person?

  45. What do you usually do, when you disappoint someone?

  46. What keeps you motivated to keep on going?

  47. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

  48. What is your pet peeve (something that you find so annoying)?

  49. What was confusing for you today?

  50. With whom do you feel you belong?

  51. What got in the way of your learning today?

  52. Who is the superhero that you identify yourself with?

  53. What’s the most unusual thing that you ever experienced?

  54. What was the best part of the past week for you?

  55. Which cartoon character do you wish was real?

  56. What kind of music do you like and why do you like them?

  57. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

  58. What is the kindest act that you have ever done?

  59. What tickles your funny bones? What makes you laugh?

  60. What makes you a good friend?

  61. In 20 years time, what would you most likely be famous for?

  62. Which 3 emojis represent how you are right now and why?

  63. What is the most meaningful present that you have ever received?

  64. What is the most unforgettable book that you have read? What made it unforgettable?

  65. Where is your most favorite place in the whole world?

  66. What is your ultimate “pick-me-upper”? What cheers you up?

  67. What is your favourite holiday?

  68. What makes you unique?

  69. What's your favorite season of the year and why?

  70. What is one problem in the world that you would like to solve?

  71. What is your ideal day?

  72. If you can change your name, what name would you choose and why?

  73. If you won a million euros, what would you do with it?

  74. If you can be any superhero for a day, who would you be and why?

  75. If you can have dinner with one famous person, who would you like to have dinner with and why?

  76. Imagine that you are a leader in a new country. What is the first law that you will put in place?

  77. Which point in history would you travel to if you had a time machine?

  78. If you could be a character from a book, who would you be, and why?

  79. If you could become invisible for 24 hours, what would you do?

  80. If you have a flying carpet, where would you go and why?


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