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Resources for Emotional Regulation

The amazing Anya Pearse has prepared a series of resources (videos and audios) for those who might wish to learn and practice new tools for emotional regulation.

Check out the introductory video and the rest of the playlist below.

A one-page PDF of the script used in the recording is available here:

The “leaves on a stream” guided visualisation is a simple mindfulness exercise, and is often used in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training to help increase the “space” between ourselves and our thoughts.

ACT has a wealth of helpful ideas to help us all to take mindful action towards what we find meaningful in life.

Russ Harris’s book The Happiness Trap Pocketbook is perfect if you want to grasp ideas quickly, and don’t have the time to read lots of text:

And here is a page full of additional free resources from Russ Harris, including some really fun and useful animations:

Here is a 3-minute animated film from The Greater Good Centre, which you can watch to help you take your own “self-compassion break”:

There are also lots of free resources at, the website of leading self-compassion researcher Dr Kristin Neff:

Here is a simple 2-page PDF from Leeds NHS, which explains and takes you through “dropping anchor”:

Russ Harris has a wide range of free mp3s on his website, which include recordings of “dropping anchor” ranging from 40 seconds long to 11 minutes:

If you are more auditory, here are the audio files:

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