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The Brainy App

When you focus on your your brain strengths, it supports your growth more than focusing on perceived shortcomings. The Brainy App allows you to become more aware of your own ‘Brain Strengths’ and the activities you do to promote it.

This awareness helps to understand how you use ‘your own Brainy’, appreciate the way how your own brain works and focuses on brain activities that increases its well being. It’s designed supporting the ideas of the growth-mindset and neurodiversity, and facilitates understanding of your unique approach on how you like to be engaged, learn, think, communicate, solve problems and make decisions.


our personal data is stored only on your phone, because genuine privacy matters for all of us. The app is free for users, its build in our wish to supports users to thrive in life.

Download the app, and ask yourself: How is my Brainy doing today?

The Brainy App was built with loving efforts and inputs from Lana Jelenjev, Boris Jelenjev, Omotola Bolarin, Saskia Wenniger, Tjerk Feitsma, Elise Marcus, Dominic de Brabander, Giorgia Girelli, Milos Jelenjev, Szymon Maka, Kevin Ho, Natalie Glomsda and Niels Mokkenstorm, via the teams of 2Tango and the Neurodiversity Foundation.

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