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The NEA Online Academy

Why we started the Neurodiversity Education Academy

Who is it for?

The Neurodiversity Academy is aimed at anyone supporting a neurodivergent person and at self supported neurodivergent persons, looking for knowledge, tools and strategies to be more effective. We believe that it is crucial for society to create neurodiverse friendly homes and schools that support all neurotypes.

Courses are aimed at teachers, school administrators, mentors, parents, students and young adults navigating through life and education in the hope of creating and supporting more successful outcomes for a wide range of neurodiverse people, often including themselves. Each course will have clear information about the specific target group, as well as the aims of the course.

Why is it needed?

Neurodiversity is an area most people are still very uneducated about. There is also a large stigma on it and neurodiversity is often associated with mental health problems. A focus on the plus side of this type of diversity and how to cope with the issues that arise from forcing a neurotypical perspective or approach on a neurodivergent population is very much needed.

This education is most gratefully received and applied when people also see and feel a need for strategies to benefit their success in the aims that they are trying to achieve. Therefore: all the courses from the Neurodiversity Education Academy strive to contribute towards making the core business of their learners (whether that is parenting, teaching, mentoring, coaching or self coaching) easier and more effective with regards to neurodivergent people. We do this by offering tools and strategies that work, and the background knowledge and theory to back them up.

What do we provide?

  • Self paced online training,

  • More extensive time bound courses with live sessions,

  • Live online workshops talks or interviews, single or in a conference bundle (i.e. during Brain Awareness week and on & around Neurodiversity Pride day)

  • Replay bundles of old workshops or online conferences

  • Bespoke sessions for your team with practice based Q&A sessions at the end

  • Downloadable tools and resources

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