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Some of the Strengths of the Dyslexic Brain

strengths of the dyslexic brain

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💥Creativity- You can easily find new ways of doing things. You are able to make use of the 3 different networks of your brain: the default network (related to brainstorming and daydreaming), the executive control network (which activates when you need to focus), and the salience network (known for detecting environmental stimuli and determines which sorts of things tend to be noticed).

💥Narrative reasoning - You tend to remember facts as experiences, examples, or stories, rather than abstractions. You also have a profoundly clear and vivid memory of personal experiences.

💥Global thinker - You have the ability to shift perspective and view an object or event from multiple perspectives, or the ability to see the "gist" or big-picture context surrounding an event or idea.

💥Lateral thinkers - You think out of the box and are more apt to take new approaches to an issue or discover connections that others have missed. You can easily bring information and resources from different sources together.

💥Empathizer - You have the ability to recognize what another person is thinking or feeling, and can easily respond to their state of mind with an appropriate emotion.

How are you amplifying your dyslexic brain strengths?

You can learn more about brain strengths and other tools on amplifying our strengths in our What's STRONG With You? From Deficits to Strengths Toolkit.

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