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Some of the Strengths of the Autistic Brain

Strengths of the Autistic Brain

Let's Celebrate You and Your Unique Brain!

Here are some of the strengths of the autistic brain:

Systemizer- You have the drive to analyze or build rule-based systems. You systemize based on regularities (structure) and rules. Some examples of systems are collectible systems (e.g., distinguishing between types of stones or wood), mechanical systems (e.g., a video recorder or a window lock), numerical systems (e.g., a train timetable or a calendar), abstract systems (e.g., the syntax of a language or musical notation), natural systems (e.g., the weather patterns or tidal wave patterns), social systems (e.g., a management hierarchy or a dance routine with a dance partner), motoric systems (e.g., throwing a frisbee or bouncing on a trampoline).

Justice sensitivity - You have a high sense of fairness and justice. You are not easily swayed by sentiments and emotions, rather approach the situation rationally.

Detail-oriented - You have the uncanny ability to identify slight differences between similar cues. You like looking at the specifics and pointing out small details.

Candor - You are honest and sincere. You are frank in expressing yourself and your ideas. You value truth-telling, transparency, and openness. Your ability to speak up encourages others to also express themselves.

Visual-spatial - You are an amazing visualizer. Putting together three-dimensional spatial perspectives is easy for you. You have the ability to understand and analyze the shape of an object with another to analyze their spatial features (i.e. size, location, orientation).

Sounds familiar? How are you recognising the strengths of your autistic brain? 😍

Let's move from "What's Wrong?" to "What's STRONG?" Check out our full What's STRONG With You Toolkit.

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