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Which Lens Are You Using?

Our lives are steeped with looking for what is wrong or what is missing rather than acknowledging, celebrating and honoring what is going well and what is already present.  This continuous focus on problems reinforce a deficit-based perspective that also put our attention on solving problems rather than highlighting successes. When we use a strengths-based lens we shift our focus on the inherent assets, qualities, untapped resources and capacities in every individual, organization or community.

But how do we start shifting our lens and focus on strengths rather than dysfunctions?

For us to move from deficits to strengths we need to notice the language we are using on a daily basis. Check out the list of words/phrases/questions that you can hear within strengths based conversations and those that you can hear from deficits based ones.

  • Which ones do you frequently use? and in what context?

  • Which ones do you usually notice and observe within your family/team/school/organization?

  • Which lens is more prevalent in the areas that you are engaged in?

  • How might you start shifting to a strengths-based lens rather than the deficits-based one?

A strengths-based approach is not about “superficially looking and talking about strengths". Rather it is an approach that can lead to more self-discovery, self-awareness and self-advocacy.

It can be challenging to move away from what we have always known. Yet, a shift in our lens to strengths focused can amplify capacities people inherently possess and lead to higher positive outcomes, people flourishing and leading with their strengths and showing up authentically as individuals.



Stay tuned for our “Strengths Toolkit” that will be released mid of March in time for Brain Awareness Week! You can also get a free copy of thetoolkit when you join us for our workshop on “Rewiring our Brain to Lead with Our Strengths” on 16th of March, 2023.

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